Shinji Mikami Shinji Mikami was born on the 11th of August, 1965. He works in Japan and is best known for his work in the survival horror series Resident Evil originally named Biohazard. He has also worked on Devil May Cry and the Dino Crisis Series along with several others. Mikami studied at the Doshisha University in Kyoto. The majority of Mikami’s works are Horror Survival Games, both first and third person, but has also worked on some action/adventure games like Devil May Cry and God Hand. Most of his games are horror survival games but they all have an underlying puzzle element to them, using logic to decide on the best course of action. There are several common themes in the majority of his works. The Resident Evil series and Dino Crisis all use the “one against many” style, common in the majority of survival games, having the main playable character fight off many enemies. All the enemies have the same trends as well. They all attack as individuals and don’t tend to attack strategically, instead taking the brute force approach commonly associated with zombies and other similar foes. He is the primary mind behind the Resident Evil Series and has worked on and overseen all the games in the series. His games have also been made into a series of movies. His Action/Adventure titles are mainly focused on close combat one on one or one on few fights. Games like God Hand use Soul Caliber/Street Fighter style combat without the arcade set field. Devil May Cry follows more of a Final Fantasy, RPG style. Mikami was originally employed by Capcom. He now works under ZeniMax Media Inc. in his own studio, Tango. The main series Mikami has worked on is the Resident Evil series. The most recent games in this series used a combination of programs, mainly Autodesk programs. Character Design was done using Autodesk Softimage, the Background images and effects were made with Autodesk Maya and used Autodesk Motion capture to refine the movement of the characters and enemies in the game. Resident Evil 4 employs the Flagship Company’s scenario creation software and Resident Evil 5 uses the MT frameworks game engine. In games such as Vanquish the Havok physics engine is used. His most well-known work, Resident evil, is the game that is said to have sparked the survival horror genre. The lack of ammunition and heavy weapons in combat to make the player more vulnerable and the horror based enemy design were unique to the period in time. Mikami used the De-emphasized combat of survival games and added the Horror game elements, mainly zombies and creatures, to create a unique fusion genre. There were games made in this style were released before Resident Evil, such as Alone in the Dark (1992), but they were labelled Horror games. The name Survival-Horror was invented by Capcom to describe the unique nature of the game, hence the fact that Mikami is said to have invented the genre. He loosely based his idea for Resident Evil 1 on the Japanese Horror game Sweet Home. He also said that he made the game partially in response to his disappointment in an Italian zombie movie by the name of Zombie. Resident Evil also was one of the first third-person shooter games to use off centre character placement in order to avoid the character obscuring the view of the player’s main target. He also directed the 2010 game Vanquish. Vanquish is said to be the lead innovator in the influential “Sliding boost” feature, allowing the player to slide into or between cover at high speeds. I have played the Resident Evil games and I enjoy them. Because of the unique style of the games they are very interesting and I have been able to play them for longer periods of time than some other games. The combat is the most interesting component to these games bet they also have an interesting storyline to go with them. The artwork and graphics are also good in this game and the attention to detail is one of the things that I like about games and this is one of my favourites. I think that the reason these games are so successful is because they are so unique. The interesting angles and puzzle underlining makes these games more enjoyable than some other games of the genre.

Shinji Mikami: 20th April 2011

Resident Evil Game: 20th April 2011

Dino Crisis: 20th April 2011

Devil May Cry game: 20th April 2011

 God Hand game: 20th April 2011

Survival Horror Genre: 21st April 2011

Resident Evil 1 screenshot: 21st April 2011 Resident Evil 4 Screenshot: 21st April 2011

Devil May Cry Image: 21st April 2011

Resident Evil 4: 21st April 2011

Resident Evil 5: 21st April 2011 God Hand Screenshot: 6th May 2011

Resident evil 0 Screenshot: 6th may 2011

 P.N 03 Screenshot: 6th May 2011

Killer7 Screenshot: 6th May 2011

Dino Crisis 3: 6th May 2011

Vanquish Screenshot: 6th May 2011


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