Elements and Principles of Design


The Sydney Harbour Brigde is a good example of several of the principles of design. The most obvious are the priniples of dominance and emphasis. The bridge stands out against the rest of the the city because of its unique structure and position over the water. It is significantly larger than the other structures in the immediate area to help it stand out more. The design of the bridge follows a repeating pattern of collumns and the arc has repeated triangles. The colour of the metal used on the bridge is quite dark so it contrasts with the water and the sky. the overall structure of the bridge is well balanced as if it was to be split vertically in the center the two halves would be symmetrical.

The Sydeny Opera House is another good example of the principles of design. Like the Harbour bridge, the Oprea house is the dominant feature in its direct area due to ist size and design. eack of the sails are the same pattern but the scale is altered each time to make it more appealing to the eye. Two of the sails are reversed, in contrast to the other sails and the white colour and overall design contrast with the surroundings helping to increse the dominance of the structure.

The Roman colosseum is another significant structure that displays some of the principles of design. Again it displays a significant dominance over the rest of the landscape because of its sheer size. it also has a repeated pattern on the outer wall made up of lots of small arches. The size of the building is the main reason for its dominance but it also has a unique shape and colour due to the materials used in its construction.

Harbour Bridge [web image], Wednesday 16/2/2011


Sydney Harbour Bridge [web image], Friday 18/2/2011


Sydney Opera House [web image], Friday 18/2/2011


Sydney opera house [web image], Friday 18/2/2011


The Colosseum [web image], Friday 18/2/2011


Colosseum, Rome [web image], friday 18/2/2011



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